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27th August 2012

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most offended on behalf of Tina because the entire point of the pile of shit that was “Props” was that it’s the seniors (Rachel’s) time to shine and that next year it will be hers

and now there’s a fucking sophomore coming in her goddamn senior year who is pretty clearly going to be the new star of ND

and that’s such fucking bullshit I can’t even begin to function

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24th February 2012

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You can’t say, outing is so terrible and so wrong and so tragic and so possibly suicidal one minute, yet just three months earlier say outing is A-OK if the popular hero quarterback dude does it to a kinda bitchy mean girl and then makes her sit awkwardly in front of him as he sings a song about girls wanting to have fun. Granted, sure, everyone’s experience is different. But you can’t really have your cake any way you want it. Otherwise the message is: Boy outing is super bad, girl outing is super helpful. Not cool.

Dorothy Snarker hits the nail on the head once again (via avocadosalad)

The fact that Glee was like “Santana needs to be outed BECAUSE OTHERWISE SHE MIGHT COMMIT SUICIDE” and then three months later was like “Karofsky tried to commit suicide BECAUSE HE WAS OUTED” is just…I can’t. I almost kind of wonder if it’s one of those things where they noted the criticism to an earlier episode and their attempt to deal with the issue just made it even worse in the process, but it could just as easily be their basic misogyny showing through. That’s the thing with Glee—there are always at least five fucked-up things about any one thing that’s going on.  (via boycottingtrends)

I hadn’t even made that connection before, damn.

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20th February 2012

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I feel like a horrible human being because this was literally the first thing I thought. I love Karofsky to death but fuck you Ryan and your “You come out as a lesbian guys hit on you, but if you are a gay boy OMG STOP THE PRESSES AND WRITE HIM AN EMMY WORTHY STORYLINE”





I feel like a horrible human being because this was literally the first thing I thought. I love Karofsky to death but fuck you Ryan and your “You come out as a lesbian guys hit on you, but if you are a gay boy OMG STOP THE PRESSES AND WRITE HIM AN EMMY WORTHY STORYLINE”


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15th February 2012

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Okay. So. Very quick thoughts (because I am starving omg so much food imagery in that ep)


(When Leeroy mentioned chicken I almost started to cry.)


First thing on my checklist of stuff I think: I’m not really sure what Artie sees in Sugar.  I can see why other characters like Rory would be into her, but she’s been pretty mean to Artie specifically sooooo why does he even bother?  Beyond the obvious that she’s hot?  Eh, let him have her, Artaroono.  You can do better.

Santana owns my soul.

Good god just please give Mike and Tina a storyline already Jesus fuck.

Speaking of Jesus…Joe’s song was great, otherwise I don’t really have an opinion for or against him at this point.  He’ll grow on me I’m sure, I didn’t like Rory’s first appearance either.  I’ll have to rewatch that whole God Squad meeting, but generally I didn’t catch anything too off about it.  Well…other than the fact that, why wasn’t Rory part of that group?  Seems like it’d be an easy way to get the two Glee Project winners together interacting..

So Karofsky.


Yeah wow that was bad.  Not bad like or badly-written or badly-done or whatever, but…

Actually, y’know what?  Objectively, I will say that it kind of was badly-done.  It was too jarring.  It came out of nowhere to deliver (…lol?) heavy, consequential drama that it hadn’t earned.  I’ve always known that Dave was gonna appear again and I’ve always said that they weren’t done with his story.  But we’ve seen Dave Karofsky for all of three minutes this season and, what, we’re gonna see him for one more episode after this?  Gee, thanks Sunshine Corazon, but if you want me invested in this plot then you have to earn it.  If I were writing this plot I would’ve had Dave at least appear a bit more often before dropping this bombshell.  The reason Karofsky’s plotline even worked at all in season 2 was because they actually invested time in it, not just popped it out randomly for cheap angsts after having put him on a bus in the first place.

So yeah.  Narratively I don’t like how they’ve set this up.  And in terms of his character?  It’s equally frustrating because we haven’t been seeing this character so who can even tell what the heck he’s even thinking right now or what’s making him behave like this?  All we’re being given to deal with is that he’s still just as creepy insane as he was before, he’s just creepy insane in a different way now (Hey, I bet you guys missed my expert professional medical diagnoses, haven’t you!)

I mean, at least he’s consistent.  But I would rather him be consistent in a less frustrating way.  Hopefully they manage to weave his shit into the next episode in a way that’s less jarring and more deserved.

…y’know I should stop telling myself that I’m going to say quick thoughts because whenever I do that they never end up being very quick at all.

this. so much angst. dramatic emotional moment for that character- and totally unearned in any kind of sense.

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15th February 2012

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15th February 2012

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I could handle Kurt and Karofsky making peace, Kurt being a good person and helping Karofsky, and then everything fading out.

But Karofsky followed Kurt around anonymously. Kurt had his guard down. So much could have happened, all of which makes me sick to my stomach in a way that only Kurtofsky situations seem to be able to induce.

Can we just… consider that for a moment? The fact that the guy who harassed, sexually assaulted, physically assaulted, verbally tortured, emotionally tortured Kurt, the guy who threatened his life and drove Kurt out of his school completely crossed myriad lines once again and, were Kurt a more fragile person— as he would have every right to be—, this would have completely triggered that which he had just overcome? Were Kurt more easily triggered, this would have caused him to relive so, so much that was excruciating for us to watch the first time.

I understand Karofsky feels indebted to Kurt now, but there are boundaries. You don’t thank the person you tormented by stalking them in a gorilla suit, emotionally manipulating them, and then getting mad when they do not reciprocate your feelings. You don’t act on your romantic feelings, not after all you’ve done to them. You accept that your actions make anything more than acquaintanceship inappropriate, that you are not entitled to absolutely anything from that person, and that the fact that the person in question is so kind as to talk to you, let alone help you, after all you’ve done to them in no way erases what you’ve done or the lines that cannot be crossed.

And you sure as hell do not cross those lines.

yes.  allllllll of this.  and it’s made even worse so by the fact that the writers are excusing this frightening behavior by hiding it behind some sort of love~ proclamation and having kurt basically give him a free pass because of his woobie man!pain.

this is a terrible, terrible message for glee to be sending, how do they not see that? D:


…do the writers not realize how incredibly creepy all that behavior is, coming from Karofsky and given his history with Kurt? 

Kurt is nice, so he’s giving Karofsky the time of day and engaging in conversation with him.

But he’s under NO OBLIGATION to acknowledge Karofsky, care about his pain, or anything. This whole scene just sends a “stalking is love” or “stalking is friendship” kind of vibe that’s just gross.

Plus? The worst part is I think the writer’s are completely obvious to the implications this scene has, because they wrote the scene to be a form of closure from Karofsky’s perspective. Kurt’s perspective does not enter into this, and is not the important thing, the way the writers are framing this situation.

You know, I was fine with how we’d left Karofsky in 3x05. He’d grown and matured and was doing better at accepting himself and building a life that was based on kindness and not bullying.

Now, even though the writers don’t realize it, Karofsky’s essentially back to the same behavior, but motivated by “friendship” and “love” and not bullying.

But it is bullying, effectively, because it’s stalking. Even if the perpetrator doesn’t think he’s doing it, and even if Kurt doesn’t see it that way (as far as we know).

Karofsky (and the writers) need to learn that the best way to ‘redeem’ a former bully is to have him apologize and then leave the victim’s life, because he owes the victim NOTHING. Any further interaction, even with the intent to be motivated by kindness and friendship, just makes things worse from the victim’s perspective because once you’ve broken someone’s trust (or never gave them to reason to develop it in the first place) you can NEVER regain it fully.

Karofsky will never be redeemed in my eyes if he doesn’t understand how to respect the feelings of the person he bullied, and if he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions by recognizing that no matter how much of a ‘good’ person he becomes, he can only maintain a friendship with Kurt to the extent that Kurt wants, not what he (Karofsky) desires.

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15th January 2012

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If a dude needs to come out as a gay dude on Glee, he comes out. If a girl needs to come out as a gay girl on Glee, a boy does that for her. If a dude needs to be an awesome single parent on Glee, he is an awesome single parent. If a woman needs to be an awesome single parent on Glee, she cries on the floor over un-assembled baby furniture until a high school boy can come over and fix it for her.

Girls Don’t Need Boys to Rescue Them, (via iheartsantanalopez)

It’s sad how true this is.

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