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3rd October 2012

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So I’m confused, are we as a fandom choosing to believe the episode 7 script spoilers?

I’ve seen the argument that the script isn’t watermarked, so it’s less likely to be legit.

compared to this script from the new rachel:

but this script from “props” didn’t have any watermark:

Also, the script cover, from the same source, looks exactly like every other script cover we’ve seen.

but at the same time the original poster deleted her blog and her story was “some guy walked up to me in the library and handed me the script” because that apparently happens?

so idk what to think

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31st March 2012

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"if production decides that they need to re-shoot a crucial scene"

"if production decides that they need to re-shoot a crucial scene"

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2nd March 2012

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Tune in to GLEE on Tuesday, April 10 when our LRO skaters like Dr. Suzy Kim (pictured here with actors Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale) will be part of the episode!

Tune in to GLEE on Tuesday, April 10 when our LRO skaters like Dr. Suzy Kim (pictured here with actors Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale) will be part of the episode!

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21st February 2012

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They’re also filming at a skate park today, and casting doubles for most of the cast.




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16th February 2012

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@GLEEonFox star Grant Gustin in this week’s @USWeekly!

@GLEEonFox star Grant Gustin in this week’s @USWeekly!

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1st February 2012

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23rd January 2012


I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of the Sebastian character and Grant hasn’t wowed me yet on Glee, but I have the feeling that I’ll really enjoy Sebastian (and Grant) in the MJ episode.


-Sebastian is toning down going after Blaine anymore, thank god (ps I dislike this storyline for reasons beyond just shipping- it just doesn’t entertain me and I don’t get it, i guess)

-Grant was in the West Side Story tour and is probably a GREAT dancer/performer

-the material he’s been given on Glee before the MJ ep really hasn’t been a great way to endear him to me or anyone.

- I am so amused/charmed by his twitter. There’s a wonderful sort of authenticity to it that is sometimes lacking in the twitters of the main glee cast, for the very basic reason that because they’re more famous, they’re under a lot more scrutiny. So they can’t tweet as easily and freely as a guest cast member would be able to do, although I’m sure many of them want to.

The character will have to redeem himself- and become more 3-dimensional/interesting-A LOT- before I’d want him to come back in season 4. 

We shall see, I guess! I’m pretty stoked for the MJ episode overall, and while the Warblers vs. New Directions as frenemies /musical rivals is a storyline that’s been done before (I’m getting lot of West Side Story vibes) it’s a setup that tends to work well.

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15th December 2011

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27th November 2011

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what if new directions “ultimately” wins because the Troubletones forfeit and decide to join ND so they can be a big happy family and love each other again

Because I really wouldn’t put it past glee to do that.

Plus, they all need to be together and loving each other by the Christmas episode because you know the Christmas spirit and all that. 

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25th November 2011

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So if Sue is going to start working with the homeless

will she and homeless brett just be best buds then

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8th November 2011


Things I’ve done with other shows that have (to me) jumped the shark

-stopped watching the actual show but continued to read recaps, because I still want to know ~what’s happening~ and how my favorite characters are. But actually watching it might make me cringe.

Afterelton has really good detailed reviews with screencaps (that are quite klaine and brittana-friendly). If I had to, I could stop watching the show and still be able to follow everything.

Ryan Murphy had better be trolling. I mean that is what he does best, but still.

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26th October 2011

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Rant about Glee, narrative intent, and solo distribution

(This started out as a response to agletthatiscracked’s post about some new glee spoilers, but turned into its own thing so I’m reposting.)

What’s strange to me is that Glee treats the ‘fighting over solos’ as a legitimate plot point in the glee club, when it is the glee writers/producers who choose which characters get all the solos. Then they “excuse” the unfair distribution of solos by making it into a storyline. It ends up being this weird meta fourth wall breaking that the writers appear to be unaware is fourth wall breaking (and unaware that we might notice this).

I mean, if Glee (the show) wanted to give Tina a ton of solos, they would. It’s not some consistency on behalf of Will’s character that they don’t do this- they don’t want to give Tina (or certain other characters) solos, so they don’t. Then they realize that fans are noticing, and they’re like, “oh shit! better write Night of Neglect, one of Season 2’s crappiest episodes, and pretend it makes up for a season of ignoring certain characters by giving patronizing lip service to them in one episode and then character-assassinating Will because that’s the easiest way to pretend that this was done on purpose! We know that Amber can sing well, so we have to give her lots of solos, but we have no idea how to write female characters and characters of color in particular, so let’s give her the stupidest possible plot lines that will give her an excuse to sing! 

And here’s how, theoretically, I could even believe the “will doesn’t give solos to certain characters” as a legitimate purposeful plotline, not a cover-your-ass way of excusing that the show itself does not give solos to certain characters: if those neglected characters got solos in the narrative outside of glee club. Glee (the show) could absolutely do this. We could meet Tina’s parents and have her sing to them, as part of a plot line. Tina could sing a sweet love song to Mike on the bleachers after school. Tina could sing any sort of song in a non-official glee club setting, but simply be ignored by Will inside of glee club, and I would buy this plot line. 

Now, it’s not like I ever liked Will in particular so I’m hardly mourning what they’ve done to his character, but it would be nice to think that McKinley’s glee club teacher, who the narrative asks the viewer to identify with in some capacity, was at least *somewhat* nice and competent. Why am I routing for him and Emma to get together when Emma’s a sweet if naive character who can’t ‘fight back’ easily and he’s an asshole who isn’t even a fun asshole to watch (like Jesse St. James and Dustin Goolsby)?

Now, I do *genuinely* think they’re doing a better job overall in Season 3, with regard to plot lines and characterization that carry over from episode to episode. But they’ve still had enough time in Season 1 and 2 to make me dislike certain characters I didn’t formerly dislike, and to make it superobvious when they’ve decided to bring back a storyline they’ve done way too many times before. I kind of wish these “quitting glee club FOREVER” and “I want solos” storylines could just die in a fire because I am so very sick of them ALL. High school, even with diva wannabe singers in glee club, is STILL a lot more than that!

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23rd October 2011

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For the record, Glee fandom

1. Javier Bardem was offensively de-Spanish teachered.

2. Anne Hathaway was offensively de-lesbian-Aunt-ized.

3. Rachel and Finn were offensively de-coupled in Season 2.

4. The Glee project was offensively de-single-winnered.

5. Glee was offensively de-Susan Boyle lunch-ladied.

6. Glee offensively never booted Artie or Puck from the Glee club after making them re-audition.

7. Glee offensively made Shelby Rachel’s mother after she was declared not to be.

8. Glee offensively de-new-Christian-girled the show.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t build my expectations and adoration of a character around anything Ryan Murphy says will happen, but never actually does happen.

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3rd October 2011


so about the bar scene

I really want to see kurt, like, spit into his drink in amazement at all the sexy guys dancing/kissing/whatever around him.

I just need to see his look of aroused wonderment.

I know you are giving me klaine horizontal car kisses, glee, but you really need to give this to me as well.

-signed, pervy fangirl who is never satisfied

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