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16th July 2013

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Tagged: hunger gamesnaya might have been too old for the role or w/ebut katniss/johanna is one of my fave ships sonaya would have been so perfect otherwise tho

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3rd September 2012

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i dunno about you but peeta had some repressed rage


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29th August 2012

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16th April 2012

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The first time that Katniss has to go into the cylinder and she goes up into the arena and looks around and sees it for the first time,” says Lawrence. “Knowing that when that trumpet blows she could die. The thing that’s great about her is she’s not a murderer. She’s a hunter, but she’s not a killer. I told Gary, ‘I totally understand if you don’t hire me, but please remember that after Katniss shoots a bow and kills someone her face cannot be badass. It has to be broken.’ She has to be heartbroken because she just took another person’s life. It’s so tempting, especially with a cool, big budget franchise movie, but we have to remember that she’s a 16-year-old girl who’s being forced to do this. These kids are only killing each other because if they don’t, they’ll die. It’s needless, pointless, unjustified violence. So there’s nothing cool about her. It’s not like she looks around the arena and goes ‘Yeah, I got this, I’m going to do this.’ I think she looks around terrified and thinks, ‘Well there are all the million different ways that I can die.
— Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games (via maytheodds)

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14th April 2012

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14th April 2012

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Cookies. A pin. I’m getting all kinds of gifts today. Madge gives me one more. A kiss on the cheek. Then she’s gone and I’m left thinking that maybe Madge really has been my friend all along.

Tagged: hunger gamesi will always love fandom for thinking up stuff like thisau

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5th April 2012

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that awkward moment StarKidPotter’s Professor Umbridge pops up on your dash and you think it’s Effie Trinket


HAHAHA. Hunger Games/AVPS crossover I CONDONE THIS. Joe should have been effie


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31st March 2012

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29th March 2012

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I Saw The Hunger Games Last Night


I’m late, but in my defense I was on planes much of the last five days.

So a quick prefatory comment: I’m quoted on the back of The Hunger Games for nice things I said about the first book in the New York Times Book Review when it came out, so obviously I like the book. Back then, I remember thinking that if a movie adaptation ever happened (it seemed unlikely to me; I didn’t yet know it would have a huge audience), it would make me sad, because so much of what the novel expertly examines is the fraught relationship between viewers and the viewed in a world dominated by screens. But in fact I thought the movie did a really good job of this, largely because Jennifer Lawrence’s performance was to my mind so intricate and complex and nuanced and just good.

In the years since I wrote that initial review, my opinion of the book has risen steadily. (This is also true for another book I reviewed in the NYTBRThe Book Thief.) Like, if i could go back and review The Hunger Games now, I would probably be even more breathless and enthusiastic than I originally was about the book, because in retrospect it was smarter and more interesting than I noticed in my first couple readings.

What I find most interesting about both book and movie is not whatever lame/obvious things THG has to say about reality television or the exploitative relationship between producers and consumers of everything from coal to entertainment.

What is very, very interesting to me is the ways in which the plot of both book and movie explore the extremely complicated and ethically fraught relationship between observer and observed—the way resource-laden Person X paying attention to the plight of resource-deprived Person Y shapes both the lives of Person X and Person Y. (The most interesting moment in the movie to me is when Katniss gets the salve from a sponsor that allows her to survive: Lawrence’s complicated thank you in that moment is maybe even more evocative than in the book. Katniss is benefiting from the generosity of the rich, but she only needs this generosity because the social order that created the wealth is also the social order that put her in the games.)

Like, what Collins explores with real brilliance is that most social orders are more or less designed to be unjust because they are less concerned with justice than they are with stability.

And when you yourself are the victim of this injustice, you’re aware in a heightened way of what gets sacrificed in the name of stability. But the vast majority of people benefit from stability, or at least feel that it is better than taking a chance at instability. (And in this respect, we’re not entirely wrong. Like, it’s still unclear whether the radically unjust but relatively stable rule of a Hosni Mubarak, for instance, will be replaced by something better.)

On this front, I thought Jennifer Lawrence brought a lot of complexity and ambiguity to Katniss: As viewers of the movie, we are never quite sure of the extent to which her love for Peeta is shaped by the morally fraught relationship between observer and observed. I thought this couldn’t work on screen, but in the end it does, because even more than in the book, we as viewers are aware that we are participants in the observer:observed relationship.

It’s not only the people of Panem who are watching The Hunger Games.

Because it is inherent in nature of the games that everyone was being observed, it made the love story a lot more complex and interesting than when it’s shoved into every movie because Hollywood requires movies to have one. In the Hunger Games, it’s quite integral to the rest of the plot and deeply tied in to what we’re trying to figure out about how that society functions. If you were a viewer who hadn’t read the books, you might not know that the love story wasn’t ‘real’ - but that’s kind of the point.

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27th March 2012

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27th March 2012

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27th March 2012

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26th March 2012

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I do find it hilarious though that Katniss refused to take off Peeta’s shorts even though they were really dirty and he was ill and his thigh was swollen AND she kept saying that naked men made her uncomfortable yet she must have commented on Johanna’s “bare breasts” at least three times in Catching Fire.

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26th March 2012

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fun facts about the hunger games opening weekend sales:

  • it made 150 million on its opening weekend
  • it now has the third biggest opening weekend
  • right behind
  • the dark knight and deathly hallows part 2
  • all three had imax sales so take that into account
  • thg is only 7 million behind dark knight
  • and dh2 had 3d sales to boost its millions up
  • dark knight and dh2 however are sequels and building on top of a franchise film series
  • for thg it is the first film of its series
  • making it
  • the biggest non-sequel film of all time

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26th March 2012

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Watch out, racist pop culture fans.



Watch out, racist pop culture fans.

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