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8th February 2012

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  • scientist: the average person spends 18 hours online per week.
  • me: you mean per day
  • scientist: what
  • me: what

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13th January 2012

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In this case, Grant is absolutely a GPOY.

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13th January 2012

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Sister and I are sitting at the table watching My Little Pony.

She is building a parrot out of legos and I am reblogging gummy bear Brittana gifs.

I gave her Hipster Hello Kitty merch as a (belated) Christmas gift.

We are both definitely almost 25.

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30th December 2011


do-not-expect-sanity replied to your post: I just poured cereal into my drinking cup. …

My mom once put orange juice into her cereal.

I still like to eat Uncle Sam Cereal:

with orange juice, to this day.

I’ve done this since I was three years old.

It’s delicious, trust me.

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30th December 2011

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I just poured cereal into my drinking cup.

Clearly, I am awake this morning.

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29th December 2011

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it has begun


I eagerly await this new future, no shame.

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14th December 2011

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“have you ever watched [insert film or tv show here]”

“no but i’ve seen gifs”

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19th November 2011

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buy one get one free holiday drinks at starbucks god bless god bless

there is only one of me

but i will buy one and drink two goddamnit

hilarious and terrible story: So once I acquired a two-for-one coupon for Peet’s. I was super excited and bought two of their tea smoothie things, intending to bring them home and slowly drink them both. 

Well, two drinks are hard to carry so I unwisely set one of the cups (which also didn’t have a lid) on my car dashboard. I got in the car, sat down, and closed the car door which caused the drink to invert and spill all over my radio and air conditioning buttons, and I spent the next 30 minutes cleaning it off as much as I could, while using about half a container of paper towels. I didn’t have a radio for a week while I waited for my replacement I’d bought from ebay to arrive.

And after all that I only ended up with one drink.

Moral of the story: be careful of 2-for-1 drink deals as they can go horribly awry. And don’t put drinks on your car dashboard then shut the door.

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